What is the difference between eating clean and eating lean? Understand before losing weight effectively.

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For girls who are interested in taking care of themselves. would have heard the word Eat clean and eat lean for some time. But did you know that these two words have different meanings? Including how to eat is not the same Today we want to invite girls. Let’s understand the difference between eating clean and eating lean so that girls can choose to eat that best matches their body.

What is the difference between eating clean and eating lean? Understand before losing weight effectively.

What is clean eating?
Clean eating is eating that is suitable for people who lose weight and the elderly. with the following eating principles

Emphasis on
clean eating will focus on eating a variety of foods. so that the body receives complete nutrition and focusing on eating fresh fruits and vegetables Including raw materials used in cooking must be safe or non-toxic.

Eating clean will reduce the use of seasonings such as sugar, salt and seasonings. However, cooking will use only a small amount of ingredients. to prevent body swelling

from eating clean, will refrain from eating crunchy snacks, processed foods and ready meals. Because these foods contribute to making the body fat easily. It also makes girls There is also a rubber loop around the waist that is easy to use. Because these foods are high in sodium and carbohydrates. Therefore, there is an opportunity to increase obesity for girls.

Eating clean will avoid eating fried foods, oily foods and desserts, but it is best to avoid fruits that are very sweet, including alcoholic beverages, if possible, should be avoided .

Eating clean will switch from carbohydrates like white rice to carbs from brown rice and whole wheat bread. Switch from high-sugar fruits to high-fiber fruits instead.

What is lean eating?
Lean eating is eating that is suitable for people who exercise. and those who want to build muscles to be firm and firm The principles of eating are as follows ufabet https://ufabet999.com : Emphasis:

eating focuses on eating lean meats, vegetables and fresh fruits, with emphasis on eating foods high in protein and fiber.

Lean eating is reduced by carbohydrate intake. There may be some meals. The recommended carbohydrates should be brown rice and whole wheat bread. It is eating carbohydrates to prevent the body from lacking nutrients.

from eating lean, will refrain from eating fried foods, oily foods, desserts, processed foods, ready meals. fatty foods and foods containing sodium They must also refrain from drinking alcohol to prevent obesity.

Eating lean will avoid cooking. or should be cooked a little As for the taste of the food, it focuses on the natural flavor of the food. because it reduces toxins and chemicals in the body It’s also a good way to reduce sodium.

You can see that eating clean and eating lean has some differences. So if the girls Want to eat clean or eat lean? Must know the purpose in yourself first that Want to eat to lose weight or eat to build muscle? This is to achieve the most satisfactory results, sure enough.