Grading the players of England and Denmark, first round, game two, Euro 2024, handshake match, 1-1 draw, looking forward to the final match

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• If measured by expectations, England is below standard and Denmark has better points than none.

• This pair has a similar form to the ones they’ve met in recent times. Both of whom are at odds in 90 minutes.

• And here are the skill scores of the English and Danish players in the second game of the Euro 2024 group stage.

Grading the players of England and Denmark, first round, game two, Euro 2024, handshake match, 1-1 draw, looking forward to the final match

Event: Euro 2024 Group Stage Group C
Match date: Thursday 20 June 2024
Venue: Waldstadion, Frankfurt
Result: Denmark 1-1 England

It is believed that some Danish supporters may have come from home. Said by class name. This โปรโมชั่น ufabet game has a high chance of losing. But what really appeared was how “unfortunate” the dairy team was that they couldn’t do anything more than draw 1-1 in a game in which England played below standard and was full of errors. The conclusion therefore becomes a fight until the final match. Who will be the finalists from Group C of Euro 2024 ?

Denmark player ratings

Kasper Schmeichel – 7 – Couldn’t do anything about Harry Kane’s close shot but was solid by any standards after that. It is highly involved in commanding the defense as team captain

Joachim Andersen – 7 – The first half brought the game up. Periodically helps with work on the right. When not encountering a test from Phil Foden as expected. The second half played strongly. Even though there is still some brashness to be seen.

Jannik Vestergaard – 7 – Deployed into central defence, a decision that was a good one for the coach, as his length and awkwardness allowed Vestergaard to defend Harry Kane well and overall didn’t give England much room to score.

Andreas Christensen – 7 – Deployed as left center back. This was also a good decision by the coach. When there is greater flexibility and flexibility Helps with the game on the edge more.

Viktor Christiansen – 5 – Made a big mistake with carelessness and was outplayed by Kyle Walker to give England the lead, then had a lucky break assisting on a pass to Morten Hulmand to make it 1-1, but looked shaky overall and was rightly taken off at half-time.

Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg – 8 – Arguably the most outstanding player in the game. He ran up and down the pitch, played a physical game without fear of getting hurt, and caused problems for England’s midfield and defense. He was particularly good at pressing and stealing the ball from opponents and shooting from a distance. If he had been a little luck, he might have scored the winning goal.

Morten Hulmand – 7 – Actually had a quiet first half. I rarely get the ball. But he appeared and shot a powerful shot from more than 30 yards. Hitting the post and into the goal very beautifully. And after that, play defensively with discipline.

Joachim Mehle – 6 – Was recalled to the starting line-up in place of Alexander Bah and it should be considered the right decision, as a wing-back who is already a force in the attack, he is not always easy to deal with against England’s wide men, playing on the right at half-time and left at half-time.

Christian Eriksen – 6 – Tried to make runs to find gaps. But his signature weapons such as passing and long-range shooting were ineffective in the first half, and in the second half when he had a clear chance, he didn’t place his feet well and deflected the ball over the bar.

Jonas Wind – 6 – Had quite a bit of the ball. Even though I tried to run. But coordinating games with friends still doesn’t quite stick. Partly because in this game they retreated to stand as 3 attackers, supporting the forward Hoylund. Which was different from the first match where they stood in front of the pair.

Rasmus Hojlund – 5 – Marked by John Stones, the first half was rather quiet and did not have a chance to test Pickford’s toughness. In the second half. He barely had a touch of the ball as Denmark did not control everything like in the first half, until he was eventually substituted and has not scored in 2 matches.


Alexander Bah (replacing Victor Christiansen in the 57th minute) – 6 – had a very good opportunity to bring the loose ball into the right in the 83rd minute, but it was too expensive and the ball was cut off in the end.

Mikkel Damsgaard (replaced Jonas Wind 57′) – 5 – Couldn’t quite make an impact on the attacking play as expected, still a bit of a shaky hand.

Yussuf Poulsen (replaced Rasmus Hojlund 67′) – 4 – Couldn’t keep the ball, couldn’t create any chances, and even made some unreasonable fouls.

Andreas Skov Olsen (in place of Christian Eriksen 82nd) ​​- 5 – Didn’t come in to make anything useful in the late game.

Christian Norgaard (replaced Morten Hulmand 82′) – 6 – Had the duty to pack up the midfield and made no mistakes.

England player ratings

Jordan Pickford – 7 – Had a harder time than expected in the first half. And nothing can be blamed on Morten Hulmand’s neater-than-expected shot. In the second half, he had to pull out some good saves to help the team.

Kieran Trippier – 6 – Didn’t get much of a push on the left flank. But was fairly subdued and didn’t add as much attacking depth as some had hoped.

John Stones – 5 – Tackled Rasmus Hojlund throughout the first half, keeping the visitors at bay but failing to keep out others and having a few stunners.

Marc Guehi – 5 – Looks like he still has a lot to gain at international level. This game expresses vibrancy. Wake up to the game quite a bit. And did not coordinate well with the Stones

Kyle Walker – 7 – shocked fans when he appeared to be injured early in the game. But I was able to carry on without any problems. He was also the starter in England’s 1-0 lead and added danger to the right side of the game throughout the game.

Trent Alexander-Arnold – 5 – Continued to be a regular in midfield, where distribution and attacking play were expected, but his game didn’t seem to be up to par. He failed to help defensively in the first half and was not useful in passing, and was taken off shortly into the second half.

Declan Rice – 4 – Had a really bad game, lost the ball easily. Failed to close down Denmark’s midfield and most importantly, was absent-minded at times, played slowly and was put under pressure and lost the ball in dangerous areas.

Phil Foden – 5 – Another person who received criticism from the first game. And the first half of this game is still subject to criticism. When there is non-threatening play Didn’t seize the opportunity well. Different from playing with the agency But the second half improved a bit. Had a chance to pull the trigger outside the penalty area and hit the post.

Jude Bellingham – 5 – Little ball in the first half. Plays a less important role in the game than it should. Partly because England uses football to make games. I rarely create my own games. The second half must try to drop down to help in the midfield. and pay the front page direct by yourself

Bukayo Saka – 5 – Pace is excellent already. But he can often be a bit too blunt, such as when he tried to break through Denmark’s left flank and was eventually overlaid, and his final decision-making was poor, both in his own shot and his passing.

Harry Kane – 6 – Managed to make it 1-0 with composure but made a mistake with a sloppy kick that led to Denmark’s equaliser in the first half and when he didn’t get the ball he had to drop back to get it, which was not very smooth and his link-up play was not smooth at all.


Conor Gallagher (replacing Trent Alexander-Arnold, 54) – 5 – Not sure what Southgate expected from such a simple connector. There aren’t any missing tricks. Besides being a hard worker like Gallagher

Ollie Watkins (on for Harry Kane 69′) – 7 – Added more spark to the Three Lions’ attacking attack and had one fine chance, following up on Bellingham’s cross but Kasper Schmeichel denied him.

Jarrod Bowen (on for Bukayo Saka 69′) – 5 – Didn’t play much with the ball. His time on the pitch was mainly spent taking corners, which he didn’t do very well.

Eberechi Eze (in place of Phil Foden, 69) – 5 – Quite surprised by the chance to play in this match. which did not bring any benefit to the team