Calvert-Lewin Leave a message to Toffee fans amid the news of moving to the gun

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Dominic Calvert-Lewin Everton striker Send a message to the team’s fans amid the news linking him to Arsenal. After scoring the winning goal for the Taffy Men’s slashed win over Crystal Palace in the Premier League game last night.

Dominic Calvert-Lewin Underscores his commitment to Everton. After scoring the winning goal for the team and confirming their survival in the Premier League last night (Thursday 19 May 2022). Falling behind the visiting team Crystal Palace two goals in the first half in the final game of the season. However, a roar from the crowd at Goodison Park encouraged Everton to return to the fight in the second half and three goals in a row from Michael Keane, Richarlison included a header that became the winner. of Calvert-Lewin 

         It was a wonderful moment for Calvert-Lewin. who had to endure a difficult season due to injuries The Everton striker has been linked with the Gunners’ pursuit of a striker, who will lose both Alexandre Lacazette and Eddie Nketia. at the end of the season And the Spanish coach wants a new shooting star to replace.

         And while the new striker is Mikel Arteta’s top target. Calvert-Lewin Hopefully his winning goal shows where his first priority is. I know some fans question my commitment to the club. But I always try my best. And hopefully my goal shows that today,” he told Sky Sports , although he was delighted with his performance. But Calvert-Lewin He also praised Frank Lampard for bringing Dele Alli from the bench to replace Andre Gomes at half-time and switching from a five-man defense to a 4-3-3 formation.

         “We started the game with five defenders and they made us work too hard in midfield and it was difficult for us to press,” Calvert-Lewin told beIN Sports . 3-3 Alex Iwobi comes in midfield and Dele Ultimately, both of the forward-focused players make all the difference. I think Dele played brilliantly when he came down. He had to be patient and wait for the opportunity. And he seized that opportunity in the biggest moment of the UFABET season. ” “I think the change in the system is the biggest difference. We knew we had to get the first goal and when we did it. It’s a domino effect.”

         Then Calvert-Lewin He was asked if this was the greatest goal of his life. “Of course, without a doubt,” he replied. “The importance of that game and the three points is beyond belief. and how we started the first half are you thinking ‘We have to build something we’ve never done before’ scoring three goals in the second half and scoring the winner. What an unbelievable feeling, it’s all blurry, the way the kid goes in, it’s crazy.”