Cooper reveals Leeds United have no plans to change the way they play

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Leeds United have emerged as a team to watch immediately after being promoted back to the English Premier League again with a style of play that focuses fully on the attack and looks to be doing an excellent job. Despite being away from the top flight for 10 years, in the 2021/22 season, Leeds United’s performances have not been that good as they haven’t won a single win from five games in a row. It was 3 draws and 2 defeats.

Plus, in the latest game, Leeds United only managed to draw a disappointing draw with Newcastle United, which has now dropped to 17th in the table and risked falling into the relegation area. But Liam Cooper insists that there will be no change in the style of play. We still believe in our style of play as usual.”

“Although the performance against Liverpool may not be very satisfactory, but in the last match we have performed satisfactorily, leaving only possession of the ball. Of course, playing at a high level 1 to 1 is not. It’s an easy task and we need to keep improving our defensively in order to come back and perform well again and last season we learned a lot and now that’s all. We only have to keep winning.”