Depay upset after being asked if he regrets moving to Barcelona

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Barcelona have decided to bring Memphis Depay. Whose contract with Olympique Lyonnais has expired. Joins the club on a free transfer in hopes that Memphis Depay will enhance Barcelona’s offensive line. Memphis Depay had worked with Ronald Koeman. Before when he was in charge of the Netherlands national team. So Memphis Depay didn’t have to adjust anything to Memphis. Depay immediately became the main character of Barcelona. He did a great job as well.

But Lionel Messi’s absence is too big a loophole for Barcelona. ​​Although initially he performed satisfactorily. But after the international break. Barcelona did not. Ever called his good form back with only one win in his last 6 games. Which Memphis Depay was immediately asked if he regretted moving to Barcelona.

“This is Barcelona and I don’t think you can understand the greatness of this club. Of course, coming to Barcelona means a lot to every player. There is absolutely no way to regret it. Moving to Barcelona, ​​although the performance on the field may not be satisfactory, I am still very happy and everyone acts as if the regular season is over with many matches remaining. Even if it’s a difficult time, opportunities are always open for Barcelona.”