Gallagher is not considering returning to Chelsea at this time.

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Crystal Palace’s English midfielder Conor Gallagher is yet to consider returning to Chelsea mid-season. It is happy at Crystal Palace and has clear targets.

After failing to squeeze into Chelsea’s mainstay, Conor Gallagher had to immediately move to Crystal Palace for more playing time and Patrick Vieira gave Cone a chance. Gallagher has continued to play in the starting XI and Conor Gallagher’s performance is brutal. Although Crystal Palace are only a mid-table team. But with great performances Cone Gallagher immediately received the attention of many leading teams in Europe.

There have also been reports that Chelsea want to bring Conor Gallagher back immediately. To strengthen a central midfield that has been in serious trouble as several key players have been injured. They are not yet ready to return. Came onto the field. But Thomas Tuchel confirmed that Conor Gallagher would not be called back for sure to allow. The players to start on the field continuously with Crystal Palace. The latest is a neck. Ner Gallagher insists he has no plans to return to Chelsea mid-season

“Chelsea are one of the best teams in the UFABET world and it’s not easy to squeeze into a Chelsea mainstay and I don’t think I’ll ever go back. Chelsea as well because they are still very happy with Crystal Palace and ready to give their best to Crystal Palace as well, so I need the opportunity to play continuously to maintain my form. until the end of the season.”