Juventus set a disappointing record after drawing with AC Milan

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Although the team manager was changed to Massimiliano Allegri has finished. But Juventus have yet to win a single match with a draw against Udinese. Then losing to Empoli and Napoli. Turning expectations facing AC Milan was no easy task for Juventus. Despite Alvaro Morata’s lead early on. But it was Ante Rebic. Who scored the equalizer. They helped AC Milan collect 1 important point back out successfully.

The results in the latest match make Juventus still unable to win a single match in the Italian Serie A battle. It is also the 18th match. Juventus cannot keep a clean sheet. Juventus being the first team in Europe’s top 5 leagues to be shot in 18 consecutive games. Massimiliano Allegri is also the fourth manager to fail to lead Juventus to a single win in their opening four matches in Serie A.

Massimiliano Allegri admits Juventus need to improve defensively. In order to, concede as few goals as possible if they want to win the Scudetto, with Juventus will. Found a comfortable job like Spezia with the only condition is to keep winning if only Massimiliano Allegri wants to remain as Juventus manager.