Pochettino confirms Messi replaced due to injury

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Mauricio Pochetti has revealed why he replaced Lionel Messi with the player sustaining a left knee injury in PSG’s 2-1 win over Lyon on Sunday. past

Paris Saint-Germain manager Maurici Opochetti has revealed that a left knee injury was the reason for the Argentine star substitution. In the game that beat Lyon 2-1.

Lionel Messi was substituted in the 76th minute. Ashraf Hakimi coming on as the camera captured what looked like Messi. They refused to shake Pochettino. Although Pochettino later confirmed that he had no problem with Messi. Pointing out that the player understands the situation that he has an injury.

The 34-year-old will miss training with his PSG team-mates today, with injury scans indicating Musculoskeletal bruises are not very severe. It will take to rest. PSG’s next match will visit Metz on Wednesday, September 22 and have an important match at home to Manchester City in the Champions League. next Wednesday

“I saw Leo checking his knee. He played very well in the first half. And the only thing missing is the door. He has played 76 minutes and with injuries we know well. So I decided to replace him,” Mauricio Pochetti said ufabet .