Zaha revealed to play more freely.

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Crystal Palace are normally only a mid-table team in the English Premier League. Manager Roy Hodgson often uses a defensive-focused strategy to await counter-attacks. Especially against big teams. Many of the offensive games have to come down to help the team’s defensive game more. Especially, Wilfried Zaha has to stand in the field on his own side and to take the ball up to the opposite side. It takes some time to make Wi Lfried Zaha can play offensively without much freedom.

But the arrival of Patrick Vieira has made Crystal Palace more focused on attacking. Although Crystal Palace’s overall performance is still not satisfactory with only 5 points collected from the field. Only five games in the English Premier League. Wilfried Zaha has revealed that Patrick Vieira has helped him attack freely. He is excited to work with Patrick Vieira. Lfried Zaha said: “Patrick Vieira knows I’m more useful to the team.”

“Especially about scoring goals and providing assists for my team-mates. Which Patrick Vieira said I don’t need to be interested in defensive play to keep the strength to play full attack. I hope to score more goals. They provide more assists for my team-mates. Which is fine with the fact that I have a lot of energy to do that. Play the game fully offensively.”